Sizzling Freight Logistics focuses on the satisfaction of our partners. We're building solutions for our shippers by implementing 24/7 support, assistance in streamlining the process of moving loads and guaranteeing a successful delivery. Our carriers are reliable, insured, experienced and an expert in their lanes.

The carriers our team work with are authorized and compliant with industry standards. We use information from the FMCSA and licensed services from third-party companies like SaferWatch to review operating authority, safety rating, and carrier insurance information. Each carrier has a frequent performance review not only to make sure that their ethics align with our standards and to enforce routine maintenance and necessary repairs but to also provide ongoing support and strategies to consistantly move loads for Sizzling Freight Logistics.

As a certified freight brokerage, we provide all of our shippers with contracted rates, monitored shipments from start to finish, proactive email communication and delivery notifications. We perform a brief background check on every shipping company that we partner with to ensure that reputation remains at its best and to ensure our drivers that there is very little to no chance of errors or freight issues. If your company would like to start building a relationship with a reliable and certified freight brokerage to get your shipment moved, please submit a call request from management so that we can implement your workflow.


It is our job to make sure that the carrier we partner with are compliant and have a satisfactory rating. As a carrier you are expected to carry the following in order to tender loads from Sizzling Freight Logistics:

  • General Liability Insurance
  • Cargo Insurance
  • FMCSA Operating Authority

Our company maintains all required documentation and contract agreements up-to-date in order to stay compliant. The following are available at all times to our shipping partners:

  • Surety Bond
  • Contingent Insurance
  • General Liability Insurance

Becoming a member of our team means you gain access and build relationships with our reliable drivers. Members of our team have access to the following: