Every carrier that Sizzling Freight Logistics partners with must be in good-standing. In order for us to know a drivers status, we must run there information through our RMIS system. Please take some time to watch these training videos in order to learn how to navigate our RMIS system and add carriers to our TMS, after being approved.

There are a few different processes our support team have incorporated into workflow. Please watch this training video to understanding our RMIS system.

Our company would like to maintain a good reputation but in order to stay in good-standing, the carriers we partner with cannot be blacklisted.

Take a look at this guide to get a full overview of our RMIS system. The PDF can be downloaded and accessed at anytime, whenever you have questions or concerns.

Looks like you have completed all of your training videos. Please use the Login RMIS for Carriers button to be redirected to the RMIS login screen. If you have not received login credentials for the RMIS and/or ITS please submit your request by clicking the Last Step button.